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The Team

Who We Are


Angela Cara, MA, RCC

Clinical Director of Wise Body Counselling

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC #6724) for 12 years, Angela has experience with a variety of client issues. She has much practice with weaving together a range of therapeutic approaches tailored to each clients' unique needs. She specializes primarily on addressing issues rooted in childhood emotional neglect, self-abandonment and setbacks in sexual self-esteem. In addition to traditional Depth-oriented talk therapy, Angela is competent in guiding embodied, contemplative explorations through Mindfulness, Focusing-oriented therapy and dreamwork.

Keisha Virago, RPC-C

Registered Professional Counsellor

As an RPC-C with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association, Keisha has experience supporting clients that are struggling with addiction, trauma, anxiety and depression. Her integrative approach includes various therapeutic modalities, while simultaneously inviting curiosity, playfulness, and humour to the overall healing process. She offers online individual therapy with Wise Body Counselling.

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Elyse Eden

Intern Counsellor

Elyse (she/hers) is a trauma-informed, compassionate counsellor who is offering virtual therapy with Wise Body Counselling. Elyse’s intention in counselling is to empower clients to examine their childhood trauma and discover their life stories and gifts. She specializes in Career Counselling, Self-esteem and ADHD and she believes the supportive power of therapy can assist in  transformation. She holds a safe, non-judgmental space for all.


Laura Osorio

Intern Counsellor

Currently enrolled in a master's program in counselling psychology, Laura is expanding her practice from women's sexual empowerment coach to becoming a Registered Clinical Counsellor. Specializing in individual and relationship therapy, Laura welcomes individuals of all sexualities and genders. Her warm, engaged, and collaborative therapeutic style perfectly aligns with her clients' need for support. Laura addresses a range of concerns, from body image issues to establishing boundaries and overcoming burnout.

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