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Wise Body Areas of Expertise

Somatic Dreamwork

Carl Jung believed that disconnection from the deeper “Self” is the root cause of all psychological distress. Somatic Dreamwork is a direct way to restore love, safety and trust in our psyche because every night dreams give us a glimpse beneath the surface self that has been created by the conditions of our shared and personal reality. People sometimes come to me wanting to figure out if they are in "the right" profession, for example ... well, I will try to be practical when it seems like it will be helpful, but  the therapist could be seen more like a transformational space holder, helping you to honour your deeper intuitive voice. I believe our "purpose" is less about job titles (it may be that, too), but it's more of a state of living from the deeper sense of who you really are! If you are open to it, dreamwork helps you to identify your gifts and integrate and share your essential medicine with the world.

Focusing Therapy

Focusing-oriented Therapy is an active process of learning to listen to our inner wisdom. Eugene Gendlin's "Focusing" is a conversation between our thinking mind and our inner bodily experience. When we attend to the space between the conscious mind and the body, a felt sense forms in our awareness. This is an embodied energy that can often be felt physically, but can also have emotional qualities, memories and intuitive knowings. By staying with the felt sense in a non-judgmental way, it unfolds, providing us with new perspectives and often a felt sense of relief. If you're a therapist then you can view Angela's supervision website here:

Sex Therapy

Angela is in the process of certifying as a Sex Therapist with the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists  (AASECT). Many come to sex therapy because of desire discrepancy in their relationship; in other words, they believe that they have a lower libido than their partner. Often the issue itself is much more delicately layered and involves a need for further assessment. Our sexuality is a deeply complex and intricate aspect of ourselves. Our sexual selves are prone to shame and anxiety given the negative energy transferred through sex education and the disconnect we often feel from our own bodies. Often there is disruption in our pleasure systems as a result of trauma and the search for the idealized, perfect self. But when we are in our wholeness, sex is a place where we can give and receive love; It has potential for playfulness, expression, letting go and being met. This sharing of connection can also be very healing when we have not been honoured in the past.


Jung said "shadow material" was unprocessed feelings from the past still living within us.  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a research-based structured therapy that aims to directly address this unconscious material within. It encourages the patient to bring focus to past memories while simultaneously experiencing bilateral stimulation (eye movements or tapping). If added in to depth-oriented work, it seems that stuck material can be more immediately accessed and reprocessed. Angela is currently certifying in EMDR. EMDR may weave into the work at times if it's suitable, but there are other therapists out there for you if you are looking primarily for an EMDR therapisst. 

My Approach
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