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Blossom Your Inner Wisdom

Angela Cara, M.A., RCC, Sex Therapist & team!
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Areas of Expertise

Embodiment through Focusing, Dreamwork, Psilocybin & Depth-oriented Sex Therapy

Imagine having someone walk alongside you on a journey from feeling stuck, disconnected, and doubtful of yourself to feeling vibrant in your body and deeply trusting your intuitive wisdom.


At Wise Body Counselling, we offer therapeutic support for resolving inner conflicts. Angela specializes in embodiment, addressing sexual issues and anxieties through Focusing, Depth-oriented psychotherapy, and Dreamwork. Elyse assists with navigating childhood trauma, body image concerns, and career decisions. Keisha focuses on anxiety, self-esteem, and addictions. Laura, our intern, specializes in boundaries, intimacy, and pleasure.


Whatever brings you here, our commitment is to help you gain deeper self-understanding. Whether you're unpacking current challenges, healing past wounds, or exploring life's deeper purpose, we're dedicated to meeting your unique needs with integrity and compassion. We welcome individuals of all identities and life experiences to join us on this journey of exploration and growth.

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Connect With Us

Phone: 778-400-4984
Hours: Tues to Thurs, 10-4 PST

If your sessions are in-person with Angela, there's a parking lot at the center located 2033 Belmont Ave.
(I'm not taking on any students for Fall 2024).

How Can We Help You?

Thank you, we'll in touch shortly!

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